miriamjoyce (miriamjoyce) wrote in dykes2watchout4,

content strike

I'll be observing (just barely with this post) the content strike from midnight to midnight 3/21 in protest of LJ's new owner's anti-user policies. The reason LJ works (as with so many other apps like this) is the critical mass of content and connections from  free/basic accounts makes it worth it for us paid users to be here.

I also suggest that during 3/21 we don't look at our friends pages or any other LJ page to try to drive traffic down over all. Temporarily disable your links to your blogs even if you have the time to do so.

I will keep an eye on this. I know one group I'm a part of that's leaving LJ over it, and I won't rule it out, though that would be a royal pain in my ass.
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