Woodiness T. Scatological (mr_sadhead) wrote in dykes2watchout4,
Woodiness T. Scatological

"Fun Home" protested in Utah

Utah prudes terrified of cartoon cunnilingus

A book being used in an English class at the University of Utah is generating controversy ...

The issue is with "Fun Home," a book assigned for reading in a mid-level English class at the University of Utah. The class introduces students to different literary genres. In the case of "Fun Home," it's told in the style of a comic book. The story centers around the author as she comes to terms with her own and her father's homosexuality.

Drawings depicting sex acts are included in the 230 page novel. A student in the class was offended and approached the group "No More Pornography," which made headlines earlier this year when it staged a successful protest of music videos shown a gym in Provo. The group has started an online petition in protest of the book.

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