Woodiness T. Scatological (mr_sadhead) wrote in dykes2watchout4,
Woodiness T. Scatological

dykestowatchoutfor.com suspended?

What gives? I looked at it this morning, but when I went to look at it this afternoon I get a page saying the account for the site has been suspended. 
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Deleted comment

She's having the site updated. She said that a few days ago...
The strip is on hiatus while Bechdel works on the next graphic novel. Sad, but it should be another good work.

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sential Update
from dykestowatchoutfor.com by Alison Bechdel

Gahlord my web guy is about to unveil a makeover of this site. I’m trying to figure out a way to put up info about my new book, The Essential Dykes To Watch Out For. This isn’t it…this is just some basic info until I can get it together to do something proper, because people keep asking me about when the next book is coming out.

EDTWOF cover

The Essential DTWOF is coming out this November. It will contain all the strips I created since the last collection (Invasion of the DTWOF, 2005). It will also include about 70% of all the regular DTWOF episodes I’ve done since I began writing about Mo et al. in 1987. I wish it were a complete collection, but that just wasn’t possible for various reasons. I edited it so that it still makes sense as a continuous narrative–and it was kind of nice to be able to toss some of the weaker material. Also, I couldn’t include any of the extended narratives, the little graphic novellas that would run at the end of my collections, like about Raffi’s birth, or Sydney’s hijinks at the MLA Convention. (I’m going to try, as per NLC’s suggestion, to run some of those here on the site.)
Anyhow, Houghton Mifflin is publishing the book, which is really awesome after my decades in the small press trenches. They’re doing a really nice job, it’ll be hardcover, and they’re sending me on a tour and everything.

You can get a little more info about the book and even pre-order it if you’re so inclined at these handy links. Indiebound, Powell’s, Amazon.com