Jen (jenk) wrote in dykes2watchout4,

Thought y'all would like this...

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Thank you SO much for sharing that!
Very interesting. Thanks! :^)
It's pathetic. MAKE your boy films, guys, but DON'T insult the rest of us with your bogus rationalizations for making them, please. If you're uncomfortable writing for women, ADMIT IT.
UGH! Mentally going through the films I've recently seen in theaters, not a one of them passes.
On NPR the other day I was listening to a story about the USA Network. The story had a sound bite from a brainstorming session. Incidentally, the prez of this network is a woman.

Anyway what I thought was interesting, was they noted that men WILL watch romance IF there is frontal nudity.


August 25 2008, 22:57:12 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  August 25 2008, 22:57:29 UTC

Thanks a lot for the link - very thought-provoking. (Though some of the thoughts are of the "wait, so a woman complained to her boyfriend about film dialogue that wasn't all women-talking-about-men because it was unrealistic?! WTF?" variety...)
Thanks for posting. :-)